Innovative Toys For Modern-Day Kids

Innovative Toys For Modern-Day Kids

There are several types of toys, many of them requiring children to use different skill sets and tap into the learning areas of the brain / Photo by: oneblink via 123RF


If you have smart, energetic young boys and girls in your brood, you may have observed how eager to learn and explore they can be. Normally functioning modern-day five- to eight-year-old kids are generally drawn to a wide variety of toys that spark the imagination, flexible, and in some cases, also utilize modern technological concepts.

When done sorting out books, most kids nowadays, who show signs of being independent, physical adeptness, and problem-solving skills, want something more than the typical toys their parents grew up with. If you are on the prowl for a gift for an active eight-year-old boy, one of the best presents you can give is one that will encourage them to engage in elaborate fantasy play, Today reported.

A carefully curated selection of gifts for smart and creative eight-year-old kids include simple options like a mini basketball hoop or other age-appropriate sports equipment, a droid inventor kit, the instant camera, and materials for doodling, among others. There are several types of toys, many of them requiring children to use different skill sets and tap into the learning areas of the brain.


Interesting Toys

In the digital age, toys-cum-learning materials have wended their way into the marketplace. A Filipino tech startup called Kezar Innovations, for instance, has a range of interesting “toys.”

One Filipino tech startup called Kezar Innovations,, has a range of interesting “toys” / Photo by: Benson Kua via Flickr


The company recently unveiled the BopBugz, an electronic toy featuring multiple play modes. It integrates motion detectors and infrared sensors, helping young kids develop their hand-eye coordination, as they try to catch the little critters. The BopBugz is suited for kids aged three years and above. It has features like Catch Mode, Boost Mode, and Train Mode that can contribute to the development of the child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. There are lights, sounds, and infrared sensors to engage kids in interactive play time.

There are a lot of other products in store for the young and the young-at-heart from Kezar Innovations, according to the firm’s chief operating officer Katherine Chua. Among the company’s bestselling products is the AirDoodle. It is a 3D pen that has made its way into the hands of a lot of children aged six years and above. Most parents consider it a good buy since it gives their kids a head start on 3D printing—a future trend in educational toys although a lot of industries are now making use of the technology for practical purposes.

The AirDoodle gives young Einsteins and explorers the chance to draw three-dimensional objects rather than the normal 2D drawings that they make with a regular pen or pencil. It has become a hit with kids, who utilize their imagination and creative thinking to come up with 3D objects. The AirDoodle starter kit comes with the following: an AirDoodle 3D pen; the AirDoodle stand; an AC power adapter; five rolls of doodle filaments; and five AirDoodle toy stencil guides. With a tool/toy like AirDoodle, kids can create cars, robots, birds, boats, and their favorite characters, among other things. Suffice it to say that with this toy, the limit is only the child’s imagination.

Simpler Modern Toys

There are, of course, modernized versions of simpler toys that past generations have enjoyed like a ball or mini basketball court, a sketching or drawing pad, building blocks, play tents/castle tents, scooters, and motorized toys. These are all-time favorites and have stood the test of time, getting upgrades to make sure that the young ones of today who are growing up amidst technological evolutions will be able to enjoy them as well. 

Play presents children with scenarios to solve challenges while experiential learning enables children to “learn by doing,” the website Genius Box noted.

Among the toys that also draw the attention of parents and godparents are those that support children’s passions. Toys that serve as props for pretend play—particularly those that help kids envision future occupations—are also worth getting for today’s children. Through pretend play, children get the opportunity to act out their desires and express behaviors associated with certain jobs. Interactive kitchens for young girls, complete with refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave, and washer are favored by many parents and loved by kids.

There are also modernized versions of simpler toys that past generations have enjoyed like motorized toys and others / Photo by: famveldman via 123RF


Most girls love dress-up play as well.  In this case, costumes and inexpensive toys like dolls may kindle their imagination and offer many hours of wholesome play. Popular examples of costumes are those worn by beloved characters from movies, like the “Star Wars” characters, Queen Elsa from “Frozen,” and Princess Jasmine from “Aladdin.” Available in the market are exquisite jewel-tone fabrics that help retell the story of a princess and a street rat, a genie, sultan, and other interesting characters.

From an early age, innovative toys certainly help in the education of children, allowing them to learn as they play. Age-appropriate toys that double as learning tools and spark the imagination are the best playthings or presents to give to kids.