Essay Writing: Helpful Hints for Writing a Better One

Essay Writing: Helpful Hints for Writing a Better One

Some children are having a hard time in writing an essay. / Photo by: Dmitry Prosukov via 123rf


According to Alyze Vayle (2017), parents are usually clueless on where and how to begin when teaching their children with essay writing. While it is true that writing an essay is a dreadful task among parents and students themselves, the task accounts for more than half of the subject requirements in the schooling lifetime.

Karen Dikson (2016) also asserts that as children go through different educational levels, they will be required to write about a variety of topics. As such, their writing performance might result in being a low performer in class or as one who excels from the rest. The good news is there are simple steps a student can take that are helpful to break down a seemingly big complex task to simple manageable chunks (Time4Writing 2018).

Imagine the reader and write to that person

Before writing anything, it is helpful to target the reader first. To that effect, the best way to target such is by thinking about what the target already know about, and what they would like to know. Then put in mind that they will appreciate thoughts written in a very interesting way.

Think about the main idea

The main idea will set the stage for the rest of the writing. The main idea is usually a given topic for the particular task.

Use concept maps to support your main idea

A concept map is a useful tool for brain storming. Brain storming means that the writer must think of several sub-topics that will support the main idea. Typically sub-topics are general ideas that range from 2 to 3 details for each topic. Concept maps are used for more organized ideas.

Create a topic sentence for each paragraph

Turn general ideas into sentences to create the topic sentence for each paragraph. The writer’s line of thinking is evidenced to the reader by a good topic sentence. Further, it makes the writer’s intention clear as well as gives clarity to the essay.

Write the introduction of the essay

The introduction guides the readers and reveals the way by which the writer plans to develop the topic. It is best to write about the writer’s objective for each topic. This will be considerably easy to write if based on the general ideas in the concept map. This answers the questions:

What will I talk about?

What am I going to say about it?

How am I going to write it?

Write the body paragraph with a variety of styles

In written English, cohesion and accuracy are equally important. The body paragraph argues, explains, or describes the topic. Each main idea in the concept map will become a separate paragraph within the body of the essay. The topic sentence will be the introductory sentence of each paragraph. Then the specific ideas will be the supporting sentences in each paragraph.

To help a reader understand the intention of the writer the following writing styles have proven to be very effective:

Chronological Order

Here the writing is organized around the sequence of time. It writes about what happens first, then what happens second, then what happens next and what finally happens.


Here the writing is organized around the grouping or classifying things. This is the part where the similarities of things to one another are written.


Here the writer’s focus is simplifying an idea by way of writing a simple definition. Some writers define a more abstract term by creating several sentences. Definitions may come from the dictionary or it may be practically developed by explaining or describing the functions of something.

Cause and Effect

Cause and effect relationship is a very useful organizational style. It may simply be expressed like something happens because something else happened. This is a very good way of establishing a definite relationship between the two.


A prediction is an intelligent guess about what is expected in the future. This prediction is based on the generally known facts. It can be compared to the inference which is defined as an educated guess that may be deduced from the evidence.


A writer concedes by presenting the other side of the story. This may be expressed by telling the opinion or view of other people. It can also be written by telling other ideas that are somehow contrary to the topic. In such a way the writer can be able to strengthen his points by explaining how the other ideas are outweighed by the chosen idea.

Write a conclusion

The conclusion consists of three to five strong sentences that offer closure of the topic. It sums up the ideas as a whole while depicting a final perspective of the writer. This is the summary of the main points in the body paragraph. A recommendation for future study can also be stated in this part.

All points considered

It is considered important to hone the writing skills at a young age because this will not depart from them when they are old. The positive impact of essay writing know-how may be lifelong and are proven to show a difference in terms of school success (Vayle 2017).


Children who are good in writing essays can achieve school success. / Photo by: koosen via 123rf