Perks of Being a Bookworm

Perks of Being a Bookworm

Some of the benefits of reading in an individual is that it improves the vocabulary and also their understanding and creativity. / Photo by: Getty Images


The imaginative Dr. Seuss said of reading, ”The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more place you will go.” Reading exposes us to a broad range of vocabulary, helping us improve our vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. It also helps improve our comprehension and understanding as well as our creativity, by bringing us to imaginary worlds we have never been to before.

According to, reading also has many health benefits. Sue Wilkinson, the Chief Executive of The Reading Agency, has stated, “The healing effects of a good book may not seem like a very revolutionary idea, but many people are still completely unaware of the tangible impact that the proven power of reading has on their health. In fact, reading was proved to be 68 percent better at reducing stress levels than listening to music, 100 percent more effective than drinking a cup of tea, 300 percent better than going for a walk and 700 percent more than playing video games.”

Benefits of Reading

Scientific research has shown reading has a lot of benefits. But what are they exactly? We have compiled a list of the advantages of reading.

It stimulates the mind.

Like all the muscles in the body, our brain requires exercise. Studies have revealed that reading boosts connectivity in the brain. Being mentally stimulated also slows the progress of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, since you are effectively training your mind to be active and engaged.

Reading reduces stress.

The world of literature is exciting and fun that we find ourselves deeply engrossed by it when we read. It takes us away to another place, and for a time, we get distracted from the stresses of everyday life. It allows us to relax and puts our body and mind at ease.

Reading is a no-cost entertainment.

Libraries have all kinds of writing materials on every subject there is. You can always find something that will pique your curiosity and will satisfy your imagination. It is always free and they regularly update their books, and thus, you will never be out of reading materials.

It will broaden your knowledge.

When you read, you gain useful information that will remain with you throughout your life. Reading prepares you for daunting challenges you may encounter in life, and you never know how those tiny pieces of information you have read will be helpful.


One of the benefits of reading is that an individual can obtain information that may be useful for them. / Photo by: belchonock via 123rf


It expands your vocabulary.

Reading exposes you to a wide range of vocabulary which greatly influences your daily life. Being able to clearly and coherently express yourself can help you grow in your profession and to increase your self-esteem.

Reading helps improve our memory.

Generally, a book has several elements - the characters, setting, plot, and others. Remembering them creates memories. When we create memories, we are compelled to use our brain muscles so can build new synapses or brain pathways and enhance our old ones, which helps our short and long-term memory and to balance our moods.

It improves our focus and concentration.

The typical person multitasks at least 2 things at a time. This kind of time management increases our stress levels and decreases our productivity. When reading a book, your attention is directed to the story. By explicitly focusing on one thing, you discipline your mind to refrain from distraction. The ability to stay focused can help when you need to accomplish other jobs that need your focus and concentration.

Reading enhances your empathetic skills.

Literary fiction has the capability to make readers easily understand what other people are thinking by relating to their emotions. Those who read literary fiction is more powerfully affected than those who read non-fiction.

It builds up creativity.

As you get immersed in the world of what you are reading, you picture out the characters and the experiences they go through in your head. By doing so, you stimulate the section of your brain that controls your imagination and creativity. Being creative helps you to prepare for uncertainty because you are able to see things differently and thus becoming a better problem-solver.

Reading improves your writing abilities.

If you ask best-seller authors for a secret to great writing, they would all say read. And not just read. Read a lot. Read everything. This is because when you read, you get to learn and instill in yourself the writing style and themes of the author.

The advantages of reading extend from boosting mental and physical health to creating healthy practices, so it is not surprising that reading books and other kinds of literary materials are popular forms of entertainment. Books have existed since time immemorial and are still very much significant up to this day. Reading should be considered as a daily activity since it improves the quality of our life.