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Regular Reading With Your Child Lessens Harsh Parenting: Study

 Harsh parenting is a parenting style that is marked by psychological or physical aggression. Its approach may include yelling at the child, humiliating them, threatening them, or using mean

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Why Children Should Learn Foreign Languages

 Many parents are now enrolling their children in foreign language classes, thanks to the popularity of children’s shows that teach other languages. “The popularity of such shows as &

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Kindergartners: The What, Why, and How

 Kindergarten is the initial experience for many children of a proper classroom setting. It is a structured, play-based program for young children where developmentally appropriate learning oppor

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How to Promote a Growth Mindset in Children

 Every one of us has beliefs about our own potential and abilities. This forms part of our mindset, which will help us decide on the actions that we will take or not take over the years. Stanford

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Innovative Toys For Modern-Day Kids

 If you have smart, energetic young boys and girls in your brood, you may have observed how eager to learn and explore they can be. Normally functioning modern-day five- to eight-year-old kids ar

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The Right Age for Children to Begin Music Lessons

 Some parents enroll their children in music classes to learn to play an instrument at a young age. Other parents choose to wait until their children are older so they can choose their own instru

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